Characteristics Of Masking Tape

- Feb 27, 2019-

Crepe Paper Masking Tape

The characteristics of masking tape:

1. The textured paper adhesive tape is a self-adhesive adhesive tape based on resin-impregnated crepe paper. Used for sealing and packaging. Shading during painting, coating and sand blasting. Fixation of electronic components and wires.

2. The special composition of the curing adhesive provides excellent solvent resistance and high temperature resistance without leaving any adhesive marks.

3. The tape can be easily bent into a curve to the circular protection edge will not be broken.

4. Retention The adhesiveness of the tape itself provides proper retention even under heavy pressure.

5. Easy to tear, easy to operate Even if you use without scissors or blades can still be used.

6. The serviceability tape can be attached to the high curvature surface, the thickness is enough to not need to catch up.

7. The unwinding force is moderate, not too heavy and not too light, the unwinding force is easy to operate.

8. Smoothness The tape substrate is smooth and does not cause skin irritations.

9. Not easy to break into pieces Tape will not be automatically divided into multiple pieces.

10. Instantly sticky viscous tape is sticky when touched.

11. Anti-solvent The crepe paper substrate is resistant to solvent penetration.

12. The basic color will not fall off

Single-layer masking tape has strong peelability, strong adhesion, protection and fixation, solvent resistance and no residue;

The composite type masking tape has strong peeling force, good adhesion, excellent initial adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, no fading, no delamination, and temperature resistance of 230 to 260 degrees.