Foam Adhesive Tape

- Feb 20, 2019-

White VHB Foam Tape

Foam adhesive tape

The cloth-based adhesive tape is made of PE resin and coated with oil-based pressure-sensitive adhesive to make single-sided adhesive. It has excellent initial tack, water resistance and moisture resistance, and is suitable for bonding of heavy objects. Easy to tear.

The characteristics of foam adhesive tape: strong adhesion, easy tearing, high fatigue resistance, moisture resistance, no deformation when shearing.

The use of foam adhesive tape: suitable for the packaging of heavy goods, can be protected by dust, moisture, scratch, etc., can be used to bond carpets and telephone lines, widely used in industry, and can also be used in books and documents. Reinforcement of the clip, anti-slip, printing, silk screen, hardware and so on.