Technical Situation Of China's Adhesive Tape Industry

- Jan 26, 2018-

The 1990s ago, China's pressure-sensitive adhesives to emulsion-type acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesives, technology is basically introduced, in the past decade, the milk-pressure sensitive adhesive has not been a major development.

In the 90's, solvent-based acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive began to enter the market, for the production of double-sided tape, protection tapes and labels, its technology mainly from Taiwan, Japan and mainland China's research institutions, whether introduced or self-developed formula, most of them are diplomatic-type, Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape solvent-based rubber Pressure sensitive adhesive is mainly used in the production of PVC electrical tape, the formulation of natural rubber and SBR as the main elastomer, has not changed much.

At present, some of the strength of the manufacturers have established their own research institutions, began to high solid content of pressure-sensitive adhesives, hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive and radiation-curable pressure-sensitive adhesive research to meet environmental requirements, save energy and reduce costs.