Test Method For Adhesive Tape

- Jan 26, 2018-

1, initial stickiness: That is, the test tape initial adhesion to the size of the adhesive, the general method is to use the National standard steel ball in the 45-degree angle of the natural roll of the tape, in turn to increase the size of steel balls, its ability to adhere to the greater the steel ball, the initial adhesion is greater.

2, Sticky: When the tape is completely glued to the object, viscous continuous ability, the usual test method is: With the size of the tape, the surface of two steel plates, and then a piece of steel hanging on the tester, another suspension of 1KG weight, see the two pieces of steel plate not separated from how long time can last.

3, Peel Force Test: With the standard width of the tape sticking to a specific steel plate, and then with the machine hand will tape from the steel plate RIP tape, the mechanical stability of the force reflects the size of stripping force.