The Difference Between Single-sided Foam Tape And Double-sided Foam Tape

- Apr 23, 2019-

Double Sided Permanent Tapes.jpg

Foam tape can also be called foam tape. There are many types of foam tape. The most common one is single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape. What is the difference between single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape?

Double-coated foam tape is coated with pressure sensitive adhesive on both sides of polyurethane foam, polyethylene, neoprene, PVC and natural rubber foam. Their application in the construction market is limited to bonding plaques, mirrors, etc. Something like that.

The single-sided coated foam tape is a single-sided pressure-sensitive adhesive coated with polyurethane or PVC, neoprene-based foam or other foam. Used in gaskets, waterstops, sound insulation and vibration absorption in mobile homes. When used in gaskets, it can reduce noise and absorb vibration around the roof nails, heating pipes and vertical plates. The mobile home industry mainly uses single-sided coated tape around the window frame and door. In this form In applications, it competes with felt strips, plastic and metal stretch strips, and tubular gaskets.

The difference between single-sided foam tape and double-sided foam tape is that the substrate is different first, one is single-sided bonding, and the other is double-sided bonding.