The Different Characteristics Of Four Kinds Of Tapes

- Jan 26, 2018-

1. Non-woven base material double-sided tape: viscous and processing good, general long-term temperature of 70-80 ℃, short-term temperature 100-120 ℃, Thickness generally for 0.08-0.15mm, suitable for Yu Ming board, plastic fitting, automobile, mobile phone, electrical appliances, sponge, rubber, signs, paper products, toys and other industries, home appliances and electronic equipment parts assembly, display lenses.

2. No base material double-sided tape: With excellent adhesion effect can prevent shedding and excellent waterproof performance, good processability, temperature resistance, short-term temperature can withstand 204-230 ℃, general long-term temperature 120-145 ℃, thickness is generally 0.05-0.13mm, suitable for Yu Ming plate, panels, decorative parts of the bonding.

3.PET substrate double-sided tape: Good temperature resistance, strong shearing resistance, general long-term temperature of 100-125 ℃, short temperature 150-200 ℃, thickness is generally 0.048-0.2mm, suitable for YU Ming plate, LCD, ornaments, decorative parts of the bonding.

4. Foam base material double-sided tape: With a soft, good adhesion, the initial viscosity and adhesion good, solvent resistance and anti-ultraviolet good, the general thickness of 0.4-1.0mm, short-term temperature 130-150 ℃, long-term temperature-resistant 80-93 ℃, suitable for air conditioners, office furniture, communication products, adhesive, can replace screw fixed design, Make the product more beautiful.