The Masking Tape

- Jul 06, 2018-

High Temp Crepe Paper Masking Tape

The continuous development of China's national economy has brought good opportunities to the development of the rubber masking tape industry. The development of masking tape industry mainly depends on the development of coal, steel, cement, port, mining, petroleum, automobile, textile, light industry, machinery and other industries. Automotive adhesive tape is the fastest growing type, which is closely related to the rapid development of China's automobile industry. China automobile industry through 50 years of development, basically established a relatively complete automobile industry production system, under the impetus of the reform and opening-up policy, under the strong domestic market incentives, obtained the rapid development of China's automobile and parts exports also presents the fast development momentum. The output value of flame-retardant conveyor masking tapes and v-masking tapes consumed by the coal industry is predicted to increase by double digits every year. The petroleum industry is one of the important industries of the national economy. Its development is stable. The annual growth rate of oil is around 7%. With the acceleration of China's capital construction, the construction machinery is increasing. Every year, China's production of construction machinery, including loaders, rollers, grader and excavator, increases by about 10%. It is expected that a large number of engineering machinery will be needed in recent years. With the improvement of agricultural mechanization in China, agricultural machinery production has been increasing year by year.