Use Of Masking Tape

- Jan 26, 2018-

In the art, the use of masking tape is used to do inkjet, combined with the use of spray pen, the purpose is to allow masking tape shielding does not need to inkjet, in addition, masking tape for indoor decoration, paint cover, applied to paint, paint, leather plastic industry, such as coating shielding and silk silk printing, solid picture.

In industry, it is mainly used in the following fields: Car original factory and accessories suppliers, aircraft production and other means of transport production plant, large and medium-sized passenger cars and other means of transport production plant, car repair cover, ships and other water, transportation manufacturers, printing and papermaking industry, all kinds of electrical and electronic production plants and other industrial uses.

The main characteristics and advantages of the product: instantaneous adhesive force, fixed capacity, easy to tear, with control of the expansion, flexibility, thin, smooth, resistant to transfer, solvent resistance, fragmentation, anti-retraction, anti-stripping.