What Are The USES Of Foam Double-sided Adhesive Tape?

- May 09, 2019-

Jumbo Roll Foam Adhesive Tapes.jpg

The name of foam double-sided tape in the adhesive industry is actually called double-sided tape of foam. Due to the habit of many people, we still like to call him foam double-sided tape. We have discovered many uses of foam double-sided tape in our daily life. In fact, there are many kinds of foam double-sided tape, not only the white ones we use, but also the black ones. How do you use them together to see the following introduction? .

 White foam double-sided tape is a common type in our life. There are also many types of Tiansheng white double-sided foam rubber: high-viscosity foam for advertising companies, ordinary pe foam for office use, strong hook tape, and unit construction. White eva double sided foam.

      The black foam double-sided adhesive that is not commonly used by everyone is also playing a huge role in many areas that we don't understand. Everyone must have thought that the brick wall of the outer wall of our house is actually peeled off by the foam double-sided tape. Brick wall surface has become one of the most commonly used exterior wall decoration methods. The brick surface is made of black foam double-sided tape. Pre-applied lines are sprayed with real stone paint, and the brick surface effect is revealed. There are many uses for black foam double-sided tape. There are also special automotive foam double-sided tapes in automobile manufacturing, etc...