What Is A Crepe Paper?

- Sep 26, 2018-

Crepe Paper Industrial Grade Tapes

1, Crepe paper

Textured paper is a high-tech decorative, spray paper. Due to the special properties of its use, it is also called color separation paper. Widely used in interior decoration, painting of household appliances and spraying of high-end luxury cars. The color separation effect line is clear and clear, and it also has the effect of arc art, which brings a new technological revolution to the decoration and painting industry, which brings new vitality to the industry.

2, the role:

Used in the coating and masking of decorative, painting, baking paint, etc. and semiconductor components. Composite type masking tape has strong peeling force, good adhesion, excellent initial adhesion, acid and alkali resistance, no fading, and temperature resistance up to 230 degrees to 260 degrees. It is often used for tin plating and gold plating protection on the PCB board, surface anti-oxidation treatment, easy to stick steel plate. Work and high temperature powder coating.