What Is The Purpose Of Masking Tape?

- May 20, 2019-

Crepe Paper Masking Tape.jpg

The most important use of masking tape is that people can understand it from the name of masking tape. The main purpose of masking tape is to cover it. Masking tape is used in the automotive industry, mainly to play a role in the process of car spraying. Because in the process of car spraying, if the masking tape is not used for masking, the paint is likely to be sprayed to other areas that do not need to be sprayed, which will affect the spraying effect, and then the car has no way to ensure the appearance.

It is very important to cover the car with masking tape during the car spraying process. If the shielding effect is affected because the masking tape is not used, it is likely to cause the car to rework, which will cause great loss of profits to the merchant, and will also cause the merchant brand to be adversely affected, and the brand reputation will decline.

From these aspects of analysis, in the process of spraying the car, people must pay attention to the use of masking tape. Color separation tape is also one of the masking tapes. If you need to paint with multiple colors of paint, people should pay attention to the use of color separation tape for masking, otherwise it will make a variety of colors mixed together, or a variety of There is no clear boundary between colors. Also, if the paint is applied in a relatively high temperature environment, masking tape can also be used because the masking tape can withstand high temperatures.